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Club Akai

The AKAI User Group

(Q) Who can Join?
(A) You can join Club AKAI. Anyone can join.

(Q) What will it cost?
(A) Nothing. Membership is entirely free. There are no costs 
involved. To join, just send in an e-mail (see below).

(Q) Why join?
(A) The AKAI mailing list is an excellent resource for us all, but we 
do not currently make full use of our collective numbers. If enough 
of us get together then I can approach various sampling related 
companies on our behalf to request discounts on the basis that we 
are a reasonably sized group. ie: I will try to get us all cheaper Sample 
CD's and perhaps even discounts on hardware, music magazines
...who knows!!!

If I get special deals or discounts for club members, I'll post them on the 
AKAI mailing list.

(Q) How do I join?
(A) To join: 
1. Send e-mail to TroyWoodfield@USA.NET
2. Include on the subject line the two words: "Club AKAI" 
3. Include in the message: 
    - Full Name:
    - Nationality:
    - AKAI samplers you own:  eg: S2000 , S5000, etc:

(Q) Is this just a scam to get e-mail addresses?
(A) No. I have been on the AKAI mailing list for several months 
and I have no intention of abusing your privacy. I am just keen 
to improve the AKAI community, which is why I recently set-up 
this free "AKAI Articles" site. I just want nice discounts on 
software, hardware, etc for myself...and for you.

Club AKAI rules
1. Completely free membership. No charges for anything.
2. There is no obligation to make use of the discounts / special deals the club obtains.
3. You will receive no e-mail advertising or junk mail (except your membership number).
4. Your e-mail addresses will not be sold or provided to others.

Join up today!!!!

- Troy.


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