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Utility: Piano Chord and Scale Finder Colm Mac Cárthaigh Aug,1999
Get more velocity zones (S2000) Goz Aug,1999
Colourful Quotes from the AKAI list III Troy Woodfield Aug,1999
23 Tips on Reducing Noise Troy Woodfield July,1999
More Quotes from the list Troy Woodfield July,1999
Introduction to Quantizing Various June,1999
How to get quality drum-hits Troy Woodfield June,1999
Turn ya Sampler into a Multi-Output Soundcard Peter May,1999
General MIDI Drum Note Map AniMaL May,1999
Setup: S3200 & PC with SCSI lollyG May,1999
What is LFO? Various May,1999
Envelope Generators Ethan Duni May,1999
Introduction to Sysex Troy Woodfield Apr,1999
Hidden Feature in Sound Forge   Apr,1999
Colourful Quotes from the AKAI List Troy Woodfield Mar,1999
How to disable the Pitch Bender Randy Barnes Mar,1999
Make ya Pitch Bender do Filter Stuff Various Mar,1999
General Midi Table   Feb,1999
SCSI problems!   Feb,1999
Reverse Reverb on Drum loops Danny Pacheco Jan,1999
Sequencing Tips Various Jan,1999
Create Delay FX using Sequencer   Jan,1999
Creating your own drum kits qBurg Dec,1998
Filtering without a filter board Ethan Duni Dec,1998
Changing Tempo, but not Pitch ThE SaMpLisT Nov,1998
How to make even the Spice Girls sound good Ethan Duni Nov,1998
How to make a Good Jungle Loop [Part A] Pedro Batista Nov,1998
How to make a Good Jungle Loop [Part B] Pedro Batista Nov,1998
Splitting Drum Loops Galen Beals Nov,1998
Looping Techniques Paul Kellett Nov,1998

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