How to disable the Pitch Wheel?

By: asciiman & Randy Barnes.

Question 1

"How can I disable my Pitch Wheel?"

Troy Replies:
Hit it with a sledge-hammer.

Randy Barnes:
Pitch wheel settings are found in EDIT/MOD.  
Change Bendwheel up and Bendwheel dn both to 0

Question 2

"Can I get rid of the tremolo effect when assigning 
filter cutoff to my modwheel?"
Re: Modulation on AKAI S3000XL
"Yeah. Go to Mod--->LFO1---> where it says "30", hit 
the blue "0/z" button and -bingo!- the annoying effect 
will go away"

Randy Barnes adds:
If the tremolo effect happens when you use the modwheel and is 
not actually in the sample, go to EDIT/KGRP/PTCH.  

You should see two controllers here. Make sure if one is set 
to Modwheel to set it's value to 00.

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