AKAI Articles Hall of Fame

The Chosen Few

There are over 900 people on the AKAI mailing list 
(March, 1999). This page is dedicated to giving 
praise to the few people who stand out by trying to 
help the rest of us. 

AKAI Article Authors 
The following people have written an AKAI Article OR
submitted something useful to the AKAI list which 
I've nabbed and put on this site:

	Andrew Watson
	Colm Mac Cárthaigh
	Danny Pacheco
	Ethan Duni
	Galen Beals
	Geg Hopkins
	Gos (David Gosnell)
	Paul Kellett
	Pedro Batista
	Randy Barnes
	Scott Able
	ThE SaMpLisT

Scott Evans
Scott is the administrator of the AKAI Mailing list.
Need I say more. The AKAI list is the best resource
in the world for AKAI users. Thanks Scott, you're
providing a great service for a lot of people.
AKAI Mailing List FAQ

Ice Cool is the King of SCSI connectivity. His document  
(FAQ) on this topic is highly regarded by all AKAI plebs.
There's an article on this site which links to his page.
Ice Cools Site

Jan has produced an excellent software application 
which allows us to control the sampler from the PC.
It also lets you transfer WAV files between your
PC and the Sampler. It is named "Millenium". I use it 
and It's GREAT! I couldn't be without it.

Robert Nice
Mr Nice has developed an application for transferring
samples from PC to Sampler. It's named "NiceWave". Robert
makes the program freely available.
NiceWave Site

ThE SaMpLisT
ThE SaMpLisT runs a nicely presented and maintained 
AKAI site, which is worth checking out.
ThE SaMpLisT

Paul Kellett:
Paul developed "AKAIDisk" and has released it for free.
That's the spirit! AKAIDisk is a MS-DOS / Windows program 
which converts between AKAI sample disks and WAV format. 
It supports: S900,S950,S1000 and S3000 samplers. 
AkaiDisk Site

Jim Purbrick 
What do all samplists require? Answer: Samples. S-Zero offers 
(free) AKAI samples for you to play with. Download them, have 
some fun...then upload some of your own sounds for others to use.
Thanks Jim!

Kenfen has produced a sample CD-ROM entitled: Zip'o'Drumz, 
which I've reviewed on this site. However, Ken has been 
added to this list because he provided many free samples 
to Jims S-Zero site and also offered a sample CD to list 
members for only the cost of a CD, plus postage (I believe 
this offer has now expired). Your efforts are appreciated.
KenFen Productions

If you (or someone you know) deserves a mention in the 
AKAI Articles Hall of Fame, please let me know: TroyWoodfield@USA.NET 

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