AKAI List Etiquette

By: Scott Evans

It's time for a brief review of list etiquette.  Everyone please read
this and do your best to stick to what's outlined here.

  1. DON'T QUOTE ENTIRE MESSAGES.  It makes it very hard for digest
     readers to follow what's going on when there are 6 mailing list
     footers and 5 peoples' entire messages quoted at the bottom of an
     email.  Trim down your quotes!

  2. DON'T SEND HTML MAIL.  Again, it makes the digests nearly
     unreadable when messages are followed by 150 lines of HTML.
     Nearly all mailers have a way to disable HTML mail to specific
     addresses.  *Please* learn how to do this in your mailer.

  3. STAY ON TOPIC.  Of course, quick diversions are fine and we want
     a sense of community but please think before sending OT messages
     to the list, and label them as "OT" in the subject line.

  4. PREFIX YOUR SUBJECT LINES.  If your email is Mac-specific, put
     "MAC:" at the beginning of the subject.  Same for PC.  It
     probably wouldn't hurt to use prefixes for S2000, S5/6k, MPC as

  5. BE NICE.

Thanks for your help in making the list a useful resource for all 1000
people reading it.

- --
 scott evans
 admin, akai samplers mailing list
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