Make ya Pitch Bender do Filter Stuff

By: Scott Able, Andrew Watson & Troy Woodfield.

Someone wrote to the AKAI list:
"Can anyone tell me how to, or where I could get 
info on, configuring my S-2000 to react to my 
keyboard controller, i.e. get the pitch bender to 
do filter stuff"

Heres a couple of the replies...

Andrew Watson replied...
This is dead easy - I only found out myself how 
to do it last night - immediately went off and 
wrote norman cook-esque nonsense piece full of 
rising filtered everything...Let`s see if I can 
remember - it`s in the program edit menu, down 
below the zone assign pages, you get to a page 
- "MOD1 filter" I think it says and below there`s 
two variables - the controller (mod wheel LFO etc) 
and the depth of change, so you`d assign the modwheel, 
and set the value to about minus 40 or something, so 
spinning the modwheel should open and close the filter. 
You can record the part unfiltered on one track and 
then the controller on a different track of your 
sequencer to make it easier. Hope this helps - I found 
it out by trial and error, so I`m sure you`ll do the same.

Scott Able agrees...
The s2000's standard lowpass filter can be controlled 
using the modwheel,pitch bend controller or 'external' 
controller (defined in the GLOBAL menu).

Go to the EDIT single/multi menu(s) and page down to 
FILTER MOD 1 for the right keygroup, and change the 
source to, for example, "modwhl" and set the offset 
to something other than +00.  Then you can twiddle 
the filter using the modwheel/controller 0.

Troy adds...
The point Andrew makes at the end of his reply is really
useful, so I'll repeat it. What you do is:
1. Follow their instructions.
2. Write a song using your sequencer.
3. Switch to a spare track in the sequencer.
4. Set that Track to the same MIDI channel being filtered.
5. Hit RECORD.
5. Fiddle with your filter.
6. Stop Recording. 

This approach enables you to store your filter effects in 
a seperate track from the notes being filtered. Now you 
can play the original track with or without the filtering. 

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