Turn ya Sampler into a Multi-Output Soundcard

From: Peter (The Netherlands)

At the moment I have only a stereo I/O PC-soundcard, 
but my Akai has 8 indiv. outs. I run Cubase VST 
on my PC but hate to mix & EQ internally.

Since the song (audio + MIDI) I worked on was based 
on repeating guitar & bass parts (together with 
sequenced drumhits from the sampler), I had enough 
sampler memory to be able to transfer all wavs from 
Cubase to my S2000 (using the export-segment-feature 
of Cubase and then to the Akai using Millenium).

I made a multi & programs, assigned the various 
sounds to indiv. outs (be sure to set all samples 
to one-shot), added MIDI-triggers in Cubase and 
there I got all my wavs, but now coming from my 
sampler and on separate mixer channels !

A multi I/O soundcard is definitely more convenient 
here, but if you still only have a stereo card 
(like me) and hate to mix by mouse, then the above 
might be an idea.

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