Colourful Quotes from the AKAI List

Words of wisdom?

DJ Style
"...for christ's sakes, give it a rest.  if 
you want to complain, go complain to your 
girlfriend.  if you don't got one, get one,  
women are good listeners and i'm not"

"My TB-303 was checked for bombs at the airport 
in Frankfurt last November.."

Scott Wagner likes Sam Ash...
"Their prices are exhorbitant and they are 
the sleaziest bunch of displaced lying used 
car salesman to ever infect the music world"

Scott Evans deals to a software pirate...
"Oh, for fuck's sake"

Gary Worsham responds to a software pirate..."
Hey dude, I just ordered Cakewalk Pro Deluxe today 
and for sure I'll send you a copy, while we're at 
it come on over and help yourself to some beer in 
the fridge and of COURSE I don't mind if you sleep 
with my wife!!! After all what are friends for??"

Grimmwerks responds...
"Oh yeah, what does she look like?"

Sunshine Jones gets a new sampler...
"i'm done. i'm takng this crap back on monday. 
i give up. there are SO many problems with this 
unit that i've just HAD IT!

Warren (From Australia)
"Mesa sux the big red one in my unimportant opinion"

Jay Ezzwell gives AKAI some advice...
" guys need to cop your weed from someone else, 
because there is too much bugspray in that crap your 
smoking... c'mon now... put down the glass dick and
come correct!!!!"

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