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The John Gilmore (CEO) Section

John Gilmore on Beats… “...However, as any New Yorker will tell you, real men chop beats” John Gilmore on beat boxing… “ (buuh, buuh chak, chak, tsss, chak)...get it?” John Gilmore on SCSI… “…I *do* plan to try that, as well as de-un-non-terminate the drive” John Gilmore on life choices… “ps. is it me or am I perpetually in a state of crisis with my music equipment? I should have listened to my Mom and taken up the harmonica.” John Gilmore on sound effects… Early reflection is a fast short reverb with high feedback. (according to the presets on my Yamaha DSP) It produces that effect that they use in the movies whenever anyone drops acid.... like "you-ou bitch-itch why-ai did-id you-oo eat-eet my-y dough-oh nuts-nuts" John Gilmore on frustration... “I'm about ready to shoot myself now...but even the stupid gun is jammed ;) “ …forget the gun, try dropping your plugged in Akai into the bath with you in it." - alpher “The bath thing didn't work, although I REALLY can break-dance much better now.” - John Gilmore (CEO) John Gilmore on women... … “...studies show that 9 out of 10 chicks prefer guys use vinyl. John Gilmore on constipation… “...anyway, that's what I do. And I don't know shit.”

Other People

Bill, you've got to stop smoking that stuff... “I'M GETTING MY AKAI DIGEST IN PURPLE SCREEN !! IT'S VERY HARD TO READ. I HAVE TO COPY/PASTE THE TEXT EVERY TIME I WISH TO READ IT. CAN THE SENDER OF THE DIGEST PLEASE ONLY SEND IT IN B/W .” Andy is a geek “What about AES/EBU to S/PDIF to ADAT converter” Brian watches cable all night “I was looking for coax->opt for a while and ran across a few AES->S/PDIF. Try MIDIman, hosa and fostex. MIDIman makes a macked out box called the CO3 that can convert between coax, optical and AES.” What does Stephen mean: "Make Out" "Better yet, just find a DJ that you really like and ask them to scratch on your track. You could strike a unique working relationshop. That could be benificial to you both. DJ playes your exclusive track. Track gets recogonized, both of you make out!” Rick Reyes sums it up... “My S5K is being a bitch!” D.A.Young offers free advice... “I've had it up to here with excuses and complaints. Screw the equipment and start making music. Use what ever you have and if that doesn't work use something else. Nuff said........” Todd explains how to delete mail... “See that key with 'del' written on it, over there above those arrows on your keyboard? USE IT!” Jan is ahead of his time... "...this is the 21st century!!!" Stephen on software quality... "Are the bugs out?? Is it safe to go in the water?" These are the people in our neighbourhood! Take care everyone! - Troy.

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