Setup: S3200 & PC with SCSI

From: lollyG

I have managed to figure out EXACTLY how to 
achieve SCSI transfer between the PC and the 
S3200 and I would like other S3000 series
owners to benefit from this...

BTW - you have to have a zip-drive in the 
middle of the SCSI chain (between the sampler 
and the PC)


1.  Disable the windows adaptec driver - (if installed)
2.  Insert the dos driver into a folder - say c:/Aspi 
3.  Insert the following into config.sys


	(where 'x' is the right number for your SCSI card) 
	and -


	(only if you want a DOS removable media mounted)

...if you want to add a SCSI ZIP DRIVE into the middle 
of the chain

4.  Rename the file - "wnaspi.dll" to "winaspi.old" 
    This effectively disables it. 


    Apix.vxd - (in IOSUBSYS) is needed and can be left as is.
    Winaspi32.dll (in windows/system) is also needed, so also
    leave this as is.

5.  Shutdown the PC.

6.  Boot-up the sampler fully - 
     In the MIDI/SCSI page, set SCSI via MIDI ON and set the local ID
     to a suitable number - (ie not the same as any other SCSI device)
     (eg: ID 3).

7.  Set the remote ID to the same ID number as your PC 
    SCSI host adaptor (usually ID 7).

8.  Bootup the sampler
    If you have firmware v1.5 
    or 1.67 in your sampler - you will notice that 
    in the initial SCSI bios scan - the sampler's 
    device ID appears to have a C & a smiling face 
    symbol - this is normal.


    If you have v2.0 in the sampler the associated
    ID will register - device not available - 
    This is also normal.

6.  Try recycle!!


Laurence Graham

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