SCSI Problems!

Many AKAI users choose to link their PC to their Sampler using 
SCSI connectivity. This allows you to tranfer samples far more
rapidly then via the MIDI connection, which is extremely slow.

Once you have a SCSI connection between your Sampler and PC, 
you can use programs such as Millenium to transfer samples in
both directions. This means you can store samples on your
SCSI storage devices, like a SCSI hard disk or SCSI Zip DIsk. 
Some software applications use the SCSI connection to transfer 
additional information such as samples loop information or 
AKAI Program information. For these reasons SCSI is a popular 
choice for AKAI users.

The bad thing about SCSI is that it is not always easy to setup. 
(hense the title of this article).

What do I need to setup SCSI?

You require:
1. SCSI card to install in your PC.
   Choose a proven SCSI card. Not all SCSI cards are created equal.

2. SCSI Cable(s)
   Low quality SCSI cables are often a problem to watch for.

3. Sampler!

4. SCSI devices (eg: CD-ROM player or SCSI Storage Device).

The above components are all linked together in what is known 
as a "SCSI chain".

I want SCSI, but I need help!!!
The problem with SCSI setups is that they are not always easy 
to setup. 

If you have any AKAI-SCSI connectivity issues, check out the 
site run by ICE Cool. It contains a FAQ (Frequently Asked 
Question) sheet which has helped a lot of AKAI users out of 
their SCSI problems. Ice Cool is the Jedi Master of SCSI 

His useful FAQ explains about SCSI IDs, SCSI termination, SCSI 
cables and lots of other things which may well be ruining your day.

Check out his site... Ice Cools Site If you still have problems after checking this site, join the AKAI mailing list and ask the happy, friendly and extremely good-looking members to help you out.

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