Sequencing Tips

Tip 1 - Layering Sounds" 
To achieve a fatter sound, you can copy a track and 
play it at the same time as the original. You can then 
mess with the settings of one or both tracks.

Tip 2 - Be unpredictable  
Many of us write a section of music and then cut & paste it 
over and over again. This is making the most of technology, 
but you risk becoming repetitive and boring for the listener. 
If you do use the "Cut & Paste" method", you can make slight
modifications here and there to avoid a mundane, predictable song.
For example, you could:
1. Add, remove or slightly move a note or two.
2. Change the bass-line.
3. Play the same music, but using a different instrument.
4. Apply different effects.
5. Vary your hi-hat velocity, as hi-hats can stand out as repetitive.

Tip 3 - More tips to come...
Do you have a tip to contribute?  
If so, send it to: TroyWoodfield@USA.NET

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